The Skills Of The Planner

Thank you psfk for this great collection of interviews about strategic planning. This particular discipline depends on the exchange of ideas between the people working in this field. Planning seems to be hard to grasp and there are still some colleagues in the industry, wondering what it actually is that planners do the whole blessed day. This series by psfk presents the modern skill set of a planner in five little episodes and gives an overview of some of the things these people actually do.

It is always really valuable to talk and exchange ideas with colleague planners and to cross check with how they approach their work. I think one uniting insight about planners is a constant self-critical attitude and a slight insecurity about how to keep up with all the fast-paced crazy stuff that is going on in today’s world. It is great to get some reassurance in one’s daily work but also from seeing what other experienced planners have to say about their work and the ideal planning skill set.

One of my favourite sources (and probably for a lot of other planners as well) for keeping up-to-date with trends, technology and popular culture is the NYC based trends research and innovation consultancy psfk. President and founder Piers Fawkes says that planners and strategists have been the core audience behind psfk since their beginning, so they decided to give something back to this profession. They invited some of the leading practitioners from New York based agencies and interviewed them about the ideal skills and characteristics of the modern planner which in these five episodes are summarized as intuitive problem solving, the ability to clearly communicate ideas to colleagues and clients, an insatiable curiosity for everything that happens around us, a general understanding of the human condition and the will to roll up your sleeves. I am sure that there are even more skills that are required and that the ones mentioned also apply to many other people working in creative industries. Still this collection is to the point. Check out all the videos here:

Episode 1: Intuitive Problem Solving

Episode 2: Communicating Ideas

Episode 3: Insatiable Curiosity

Episode 4: Understanding the Human Condition

Episode 5: Rolling Up Your Sleeves

Check out the original source including information on all the planners interviewed here.


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