20 Is The God’s Number

In one of the first s[cubed] posts, I wrote about the God’s number: “The most interesting question from a scientific point of view is the hunt for the so-called god’s number – which is supposed to be the shortest possible way with the least number of moves to solve the cube from any possible constellation. Currently this number is mathematically proven to be 22. So who knows, it might be 21. It could be even lower but till now, the ideal solution is one algorithm with 22 moves to solve any cube.”

Being a little bit obsessed with this topic, I now found out via POPSCI that “a group of academics, engineers and math geeks discovered the number that explains life, the universe, and everything.” The scientists revealed that 20 moves are enough to solve any Rubik’s Cube position. The interesting part is that they borrowed computing time from Google and used about 35 CPU years to find solutions to all of the positions in each of the 55,882,296 sets. If you are interested in the approach, check out this website. Quite impressive. The only question now is: When will someone prove that every position of a Rubik’s Cube can be solved in 19 moves or less?



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