Teaching Planning

Yesterday my planning colleague and I did a seminar with a couple of students at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. This initiative was part of the career service, giving students the opportunity to check out practicioners from different fields and to get some insights from the professional world.

Representing our agency Neue Digitale / Razorfish and the discipline of strategic planning, our presentation and workshop was of course about the agency business, digital agencies in particular and especially about the job as a strategic planner. It is not that I would necessarily recommend anyone to start a career in advertising, but I personally love my job and especially the discipline of planning. To teach a group of students from different fields was actually a lot of fun. It was definitely a great experience that felt strange first because it is not that long ago that I was studying myself. But I could imagine doing this more often.

Here are some of the slides from the presentation. In this part I covered some thoughts on strategy and some of the classic roles of a planner, based on the Laswell formula. Classic but still good to describe the different tasks of communications planning. The sound bite that there is a fine line between strategy and insanity is not from me by the way. An account colleague said this to me once. Exactly the right requirements for teaching if you ask me. At least the students didn’t complain. Apparently all the evaluation forms were very positive.


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