Social Media Control Center Coming to Life

In June 2010 Gatorade launched its Social Media Mission Control Center. Now Dell announced to launch the Dell Social Media Listening Command Center. This is an interesting development. Now as social media surpassed the evangelization phase, it is more and more becoming part of the everyday marketing practice for a lot of corporations. A mission control center seems to be a consequent move if a company takes listening seriously.

In September I wrote this article about flow controlling and adaptive brand marketing. In that article I described a scenario of a mission control center and the role of an integrated marketing team. Although the Dell launch kind of proves that trend, a social center like this is not yet mandatory for every company. Most companies request snapshots already and a cohesive digital marketing strategy should include insights about the conversations going on about a brand and the respective category. However for a brand like Dell there are also good other reasons to launch a social media command center.

Dell is a global Razorfish client and the most challenging one when it comes to pushing social media boundaries. Therefore I am really excited about this development. Dell understands it quite well to not only use social as an integral part of their marketing activities, they also leverage the PR value of social media. For Dell it has become a brand building tool. Dell used different channels from a very early stage and now has dozens of twitter accounts. The @DellOutlet has more than 1.5 million followers and is a great case showing that you can actually sell via social media channels. @DellCares is all about customer service.  In the case of Dell as a technology brand, the consequent use of social media helps to increase the innovative image perception. In order to keep the innovative momentum, the launch of the listening command center was indeed a consequent step. Also from a PR perspective, which is perfectly fine and a smart move.

I am happy to hear what you think about this.

Via Mashable


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