Amnesia Connect – Emerging Experiences from Down Under

One part of the job as a leading digital agency is to push the technical boundaries in order to come up with cutting-edge solutions for our clients. This often includes some trial-and-error experimentation with the different devices available. Our colleagues in Sydney like to experiment a lot and it is quite amazing what these guys create down under. Remember the scenario in Minority Report where they freely move content from one disk to another device? Well it looks like our colleagues from amnesia razorfish have cracked that one. It’s called Amnesia Connect.

“Amnesia Razorfish today announced the launch of Amnesia Connect – a software breakthrough, which allows instant and seamless sharing and transfer of any content such as photos, music or embedded apps between multiple handheld devices using a Microsoft Surface table using a single gesture. Following months of research and development, Amnesia Razorfish has replaced the typical ‘send and receive’ interface with a more natural ‘gesture-based’ interface.” As this video demonstrates, the experience really is instant and seamless.

I don’t understand much when it comes to the technical details of such emerging experiences like proximity detection, near-field-communications, unique ID and phone accelerometer and I am always amazed when our developers come up with such stuff. What is quite obvious though is the huge impact this will have on the brand experience and the endless opportunities in retail, at the point of purchase, in combination with customer services, loyalty programs and so on. Combine this with location-based services, social shopping components and digital shopper marketing tactics and this will have quite a powerful impact on how we will buy and how people, brands and devices will connect in the future.

Of course the scenario is not new but so far no one really managed to create such a seamless link between the different devices that just works. Or as our German colleague in Sydney phrased it: “It’s heart-warming to see Microsoft’s and Apple’s devices playing so nicely together and we can’t wait to throw other players into the mix as well.”

Read the full press release here: Amnesia Razorfish Announces Gesture Sharing for Smartphones and Tablets using Microsoft Surface

For more emerging experiences check out this Razorfish blog.


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