Coffee Culture & Video Experiments

My father is running a small business for gastronomy technology ranging from air-conditioning systems and refigeration technology to kitchen equipment and Italian coffee machines. More than 10 years ago my dad made one of his many hobbies part of his job – coffee. He started getting partners in Italy and Switzerland importing high quality Italian coffee machines. Getting completely obsessed with this topic he became kind of a hobby barista.

Tomorrow he and his team are on the Internorga (biggest gastronomy convention in Germany) in Hamburg presenting well, coffee machines and everything that comes with it (beside many other things). As his son, I am trying to help him where and when I can. This time we started a little video experiment. Equipped with my Canon Kiss X4 (EOS 550d), my Macbook, the Screenflow software, some free time on a weekend in February and about 100 coffees we created these two mood videos. I never tried to shoot a video with that camera before and although the videos are far from professional, I am quite astonished about the quality of the pictures (and this is not even the highest possible resolution). Let me know what you think. I am always happy to get some feedback and useful tips and tricks.


Coffee Recipes

How to create a perfect Capuccino in 7 steps

For me this was a lot of fun and a quite simple and quick way to create some additional marketing material for my dad’s business. With the videos showing some impressions of the machines, different coffee recipes and the steps to create a perfect cappucino, they can now be used as background material on the Internorga at stand A2 / 114. So if you are in Hamburg over the next days and planning to start your own restaurant, hotel or coffee bar, or just looking for one of those delicious looking coffees just go there and talk to Winni (the guy at the beginning of the second video) 😉



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