Planners Get A Check-Up

In comparison to many other jobs, planning is kind of a niche discipline. The group of planners around the world really like to connect and understand their own craft better. A good way to do that, is to join the annual planner survey. The German Account Planning Group just released this year’s planning survey.

Unfortunately there were only around 100 finished surveys available, so the informative value is limited. Still, with only approximately 400 planners, around a fourth of the German planning community entered their data. Having that in mind, I think these 4 points are worth mentioning:

  • Almost 7% of planners are working in digital agencies. In comparison, internationally about 13% are working in digital agencies (2010, with a +4%points vs. 2009). It will be interesting to see, how this figure increases over the next year in Germany.
  • Although there are almost as many different titles to the discipline as there are planners, 60% say that in their agencies, the planners do not differ in terms of their area of expertise. Still the brand planner seems to be the most accepted form of this discipline.
  • It is quite surprising that just 10% say that the future of planning is about combining strategic planning, traditional advertising planning, social media and digital. I hope the only reason for that figure being so low, is that the integration is already the case. As it should be.
  • I guess, everyone is looking for the the salary part. This one is interesting but without cross-referencing the income data to years of work experience, agency type and title, it is not very insightful.

You can find the full survey on the APG website or download it here.

The international planning survey by Heather LeFevre is a good source to get some more insights on the planning discipline.  This is last year’s survey. Currently the data collection for the international Planner survey 2011 is running. If you want to be part of the representative global planning community, enter your stuff here.


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