Interesting 2011

I bound my own book, saw Sarah Angliss playing a theremin, learnt how to draw a comic, did some little monsters with plasticine, tried pure glutamate, contributed in a big experiment with 1.000 moustraps about how  an atom bomb works and designed my own product. All in one day. Sounds interesting. Well that is exactly what it was. Interesting 2011 was an inspiring day with Russel Davies and a couple of interesting people doing interesting stuff.

Interesting 2011 perfectly fitted into my already geeky inspiring week in London. I first attended the Razorfish strategy camp (exchanging ideas and approaches with the planning colleagues from around the network), booked my weekend domicile through Airbnb (which was a great experience), bought Hegarty on Advertising (which is a great read), visited the Hospital Club (with my buddy Johannes) and organized my Interesting ticket via Twitter (thanks again to @jukesie for the free ticket).

The really interesting part about Interesting 2011 was, apart from all the different topics and activities, to observe the people attending it. This was my first Interesting, so I can’t say what the last ones were like. Everyone told me before, that this time it’s going to be different. Watching grown-ups being excited like little children about designing their own little monster with plasticine is kind of interesting.

Interesting showed me, what post digital really is about. My rather theoretical perspective on that: Every trend or development will at some point provoke a counter trend. that is the basic principle behind cultural trends. The post digital age is driven by the desire to do physical things with more and more of your life being determined by digital technology. The interesting part then lies in the synthesis of trend and anti-trend. This is the space where new ideas can thrive. Interesting conference showed me how big the desire became for physical real things, at least among those people who are already too digitalized.

Most of the experiments had some kind of technological background, put to very practical and human playful experiments. With all the digital technology at hand, there seems to be big desire for physical and analogue activities like drawing (with food for example, which was the most inspiring and insightful topic of the day), kneading, experimenting. Doing something physical. Of course most of the people there spent much of the day tweeting, sharing and commenting on what is happening at Interesting and that they were part of it (including myself). That is also a sign of our time. People want to do interesting stuff, but they also want to make sure everyone else knows that they did so. That is actually the only reason why I wrote this blog post.

This was the 1.000 mousetrap experiment from my angle:



To get some more interesting impressions, check out my Flickr set.

To get the full picture of the event, there is a very good summary here by Roo Reynolds.

Russell Davies wrote about post-digital two years ago. And this is his summary of the event.



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