The Next Step

Hello friends, it’s me again. Planning ahead. I know I haven’t been very active over the last weeks. I was pretty busy and there was just too much stuff that happened. September 2011 was the craziest months of my life – so far. I made the next step – both in my private life and in my career. I got married and we are about to move to London. Tomorrow.

This was my September 2011:
I had my last day at Neue Digitale on September 2nd. Luckily my last day was also this year’s summer party, so the farewell party was quite a blast. I always knew, that my colleagues at Neue Digitale are the coolest people to work with. The farewell gift proved this to be 100% true. I got a T-Shirt with a picture of myself holding a trident. The title of the metal shirt: ‘Satanicus Planicus – Death by Powerpoint’. I will cherish this shirt as long as it will last.

Last weekend we moved all our furniture and checked out as official citizens of Germany. We don’t have a residence at the moment. Tomorrow we fly to London and next monday I will start my new job at the Razorfish UK office. So London it is. I have been thinking about moving abroad and getting more international experience for quite a while. Now the time has come and I am really excited about my new life and about planning ahead. From now on I will report on what a German planner’s life in the UK is like.



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