The Birth of a Planning Philosophy

Over the last months we – the strategy & planning team of Razorfish London – managed to collaboratively put our enthusiasm and energy behind bringing our new planning philosophy to life. We call this philosophy idiology.

It is our attempt to explore the impact of technology on human development and opportunities for brands to build meaningful relationships with augmented consumers. Sounds fancy? Well it is definitely one of those stretches that planners love to do as part of their job – deep diving into philosophical discussions about what will or might be in the future – and at the same time, bringing this back pragmatically to our everyday work on our clients today.

idiology for us is the multifaceted lens to explore the convergent evolution of culture and technology, how this will affect the way brands need to engage with people and how we as planners can help to make this change happen. It is part planning tool, part experiment and also an opportunity for us – as a planning team and as an agency – to focus our thoughts, build our knowledge and start the conversation with our clients and with colleagues throughout the industry.

Last week we launched our blog. If you want to know what idiology exactly means and how it evolves over time, this is the place to go. It is intended to be a community of ideas and we welcome everyone to join the conversation and share their opinion on what is, for us, a fascinating field to work in.

Follow the idiologists on Twitter!


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