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Why Size Doesn’t Make A Super-Agency


“Holdings are the full service agencies of the new millennium.” That claim was made by Sir Martin Sorrell – in a 2004 Admap article with the title ‘Why you should appoint a global agency group?’ Almost 10 years later, with the announcement of the Publicis-Omnicom merger, the industry is again seeing another attempt to build the next super-agency. But is size really the important differentiator in an industry that should primarily be about producing creative solutions that work in their client’s interest?

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Space Bowl – How Red Bull created a new marketing space

Axe Astronaut

What a spectacle! I always find it quite impressive to see this exercise in marketing megalomania in action. After watching all the commercials from last night’s super bowl, one thing really stuck with me – the use of space. Marketing’s last frontier. Or not any more? Well at least there seemed to be so much of it, that afterwards it was hard to tell, which brand really made a lasting impression – in space.

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