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Albums of the Year – My personal favourites of 2013


Before the new year really kicks off with some of the highly anticipated records of 2014 (new Mastodon album, Machine Head, new Tool album?), I wanted to spend a few minutes recapping my personal highlights of 2013. Musically it was a particular great year with lots of amazing concerts, new exciting bands and fantastic new records. There were a few albums from long-time favourites while most of them were completely new discoveries for me. This is my personal 2013 album of the year list. Here we go.

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15.000 Songs

Digital media consumption is one of the most exciting topics these days. For me personally the biggest part of it is music. In my last post on the collectors nightmare, I also praised the beauty of a digital library. It just so happened that my account scrobbled 15.000 songs that I listened to over the last 2 years. Time for some digital media consumption analysis.

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