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What we can learn from the Kings of Metal Marketing

Manowar Kings of Metal

In 2008 I started a little side project, which allowed me to bring my passion for music together with my job as a marketing guy. This was great because in general I believe that brands can learn a lot from bands. Through some funny coincidences I met the guys from Manowar. If you don’t know who or what Manowar are, do yourself a favour and do some research. I mean really, how can you not know Manowar

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Coffee Culture & Video Experiments

My father is running a small business for gastronomy technology ranging from air-conditioning systems and refigeration technology to kitchen equipment and Italian coffee machines. More than 10 years ago my dad made one of his many hobbies part of his job – coffee. He started getting partners in Italy and Switzerland importing high quality Italian coffee machines. Getting completely obsessed with this topic he became kind of a hobby barista.

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