Glass – Google’s Biggest Opportunity And Challenge

Google Glass

Much has been said and written about Google Glass over the last months. It was also one of the topics at this week’s Contagious Now / Next / Why event. Glass was presented as part of the ‘Beyond screens’ trend, which is looking at the post-mobile era and asking the question of what new interfaces mean for brands creating marketing content? The interest behind Glass is understandable as it is the biggest innovative leap from Google launching a market-ready consumer product. It challenges the way we think about interfaces and what the future of interacting with technology might look like. What hasn’t been really discussed in much detail however, is the impact Glass might have on the future of Google’s business. I tried to look at Glass through the strategy lens: It has strategic importance and might leverage all of Google’s innate competitive advantages at once.
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Space Bowl – How Red Bull created a new marketing space

Axe Astronaut

What a spectacle! I always find it quite impressive to see this exercise in marketing megalomania in action. After watching all the commercials from last night’s super bowl, one thing really stuck with me – the use of space. Marketing’s last frontier. Or not any more? Well at least there seemed to be so much of it, that afterwards it was hard to tell, which brand really made a lasting impression – in space.

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Is data really the new creative brief?

Last week, a few idiology teamsters dropped into the Contagious Now/Next/Why event at St Luke’s LSO in London. A fleet of fantastic speakers took to the stage to present the latest trends in Perceptive Media, Social Business and Marketing as Service Design – topics of huge relevance and of enormous interest to us. Throughout the hugely diverse presentations, “data” seemed to be the word on everyone’s lips – something we’ve noticed increasingly in the press as well as in meetings with clients. We couldn’t help but wade into the discussion via Twitter when it was suggested that “data is the new creative brief”.

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Progress through technology

This is another article that I wrote for the the APG strategy corner in New Business magazine. Although this article is not particularly about Audi, it is about pushing the boundaries of using technology in a useful way and about how planning can help brands to choose the right technology.

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A darwinian agency or how we have to adapt to an idiological world

This is the start of a series of articles, that I am currently writing on as part of our new idiology. The key theme of idiology that connects every aspect of what we are going to write about, as diverse as it may be, is evolution – the evolution of brands, the evolution of how humans and technology converge, the evolution of marketing, of ideas and ultimately the evolution of our industry. In this series of articles I will focus on the latter and about how agencies and their business model have to evolve. Read More…