This is an incomplete list of some of the things I have written over the last years ranging from my diploma thesis to articles, some essays and PR releases. I am currently digging through my digital archive in order to put them here on s[cubed].

The Geekster Moleskine

Flow Controlling
I wrote this article for the German marketing magazine New Business in September 2010. It is about adaptive brand marketing in the digital age and was published as part of the APG strategy corner along with the Trendtag 2010.
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The Long Way to the Checkpoint
A press release from August 2008 on the OgilvyAction global shopper marketing survey SDMIS (Shopper Decisions Made In-Store).
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A Certain Shade of Green
An WPP Atticus Award submission. This is an essay from January 2008 trying to answer the question: As the world wakes up to the perils of excess consumption, is the Marketing discipline condemned to be principal villain?
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Another Atticus contribution. The essay addresses the statement that there comes a point at which ever-increasing consumer choice does more to confuse than to liberate.
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Global Concentration of the Marketing Service Industry
This is my diploma thesis that I finalized end of 2005. The publication is also available in the RFH scientific series in Media Studies. The full title was: The strategic portfolio management of marketing service holdings and the resulting opportunities and threats for agency networks.
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Film & TV Rights Management on Mobile Devices
This was initially a term paper that I collaborated on with some fellow students and the  mobile solutions provider MIDRAY (a former debitel company), which was then published as an article for the magazine ‘Medien Wirtschaft – Magazine for Mediamanagement and Communication Economics’, Issue April 2005
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