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Yes is More! – How Architecture Is Like Experience Planning

An Archicomic on Architectural Evolution – what is that supposed to be? The Danish architects of BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group) published a book on their projects and their philosophy of pragmatic utopianism – a pragmatic utopian architecture that takes on the creation of socially, economically and environmentally perfect places as a practical objective. In short: Yes is More! The cool thing: In contrast to other text books on architecture, Bjarke Ingels chose the format of a comic book to literally illustrate their work.


Empathy Visualized

This video combines and illustrates two very exciting topics. First of all, the video is a great example of visual storytelling and the art of visualizing a complex topic in a seemingly easy and entertaining way. This is exactly one of the main challenges in strategy and planning. There are some great sources to constantly get inspired by examples like the video on the empathic civilization. One that I can really recommend is Visual Loop – a blog that is “all about visualizing the world … and beyond”.

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Designing Business Models

To find a book, which is at the same time a very good read, visually appealing and useful as a real tool does not happen that often. Thanks to my colleague Johannes Kleske I came across one of those exceptions, which is called ‘Business Model Generation’. The essence of the book is to define the way business models work and how to transform them. This does not seem to be very spectacular but from my point of view, the book provides a framework for one of the most interesting topics in the in the marketing and agency industry. What all clients are really looking for, are creative business strategies or so called transformational business ideas. We could also just call it innovative thinking.

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