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The Tippexperience Analyzed

You can hear the whole agency world banging their heads on their keyboards and go “Shit, why didn’t we think of that?”. That is what my colleague Johannes tweeted on Thursday, when we saw the Tippexperience. Ok, it already seems to be too late to write something about this (I just need to get faster with this stuff), but I wrote down a few notes on the Tippexperience on the weekend and still want to share them with you.

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Digital Mind Pumping – Launch of ideAgenda.com

Ideas are new combinations of old elements. That is what James Webb Young claimed in his classic book ‘A Technique for Producing Ideas‘. Collecting general raw material to be used as idea starters is essential for the creative process. Michael Michalko suggests to use a so called brain bank – a container of ideas and idea starters with interesting ads, quotes, designs, ideas, questions, cartoons, pictures, doodles and words that might trigger ideas by association. ideAgenda is my personal scrapbook, a kind of digital brain bank so to speak. I find it extremely helpful to collect ideas, little sparks and thoughts and to keep track of all the cool stuff that I find online and in the real world. Check it out and feel free to use it as your own thought starter: www.ideAgenda.com