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The Difference Between Vision & Reality


Turning Vision into Reality – that was the theme of this year’s dmexco. This week I went to Cologne to attend the digital marketing conference and exhibition – a yearly gathering of the “international digital industry.” Here are some observations.
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A darwinian agency or how we have to adapt to an idiological world

This is the start of a series of articles, that I am currently writing on as part of our new idiology. The key theme of idiology that connects every aspect of what we are going to write about, as diverse as it may be, is evolution – the evolution of brands, the evolution of how humans and technology converge, the evolution of marketing, of ideas and ultimately the evolution of our industry. In this series of articles I will focus on the latter and about how agencies and their business model have to evolve. Read More…

The Cucumber Case

Here is another one of those ‘anatomy of a trending topic (virus)’ kind of stories. Sometimes little ideas can go a long way. Sometimes just for a day, but that’s also ok. Probably you stumbled upon the Durex cucumber, probably not. Anyway, last week the condom brand Durex suddenly and out of nowhere was the #1 trending topic in the Netherlands. How did that happen?

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The Identity of TEDx Rhein-Main

‘Identity has become a changing, volatile concept: Is identity something you are born with? Something that you acquire? Or something that you have thrust upon you?’ Those questions were evaluated at the first TEDx Rhein-Main in Offenbach last Wednesday. As I am a huge fan of the TED global talks, I was curious to see what the identity of TEDx is all about.

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The Tippexperience Analyzed

You can hear the whole agency world banging their heads on their keyboards and go “Shit, why didn’t we think of that?”. That is what my colleague Johannes tweeted on Thursday, when we saw the Tippexperience. Ok, it already seems to be too late to write something about this (I just need to get faster with this stuff), but I wrote down a few notes on the Tippexperience on the weekend and still want to share them with you.

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