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What we can learn from the Kings of Metal Marketing

Manowar Kings of Metal

In 2008 I started a little side project, which allowed me to bring my passion for music together with my job as a marketing guy. This was great because in general I believe that brands can learn a lot from bands. Through some funny coincidences I met the guys from Manowar. If you don’t know who or what Manowar are, do yourself a favour and do some research. I mean really, how can you not know Manowar

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The Difference Between Vision & Reality


Turning Vision into Reality – that was the theme of this year’s dmexco. This week I went to Cologne to attend the digital marketing conference and exhibition – a yearly gathering of the “international digital industry.” Here are some observations.
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Space Bowl – How Red Bull created a new marketing space

Axe Astronaut

What a spectacle! I always find it quite impressive to see this exercise in marketing megalomania in action. After watching all the commercials from last night’s super bowl, one thing really stuck with me – the use of space. Marketing’s last frontier. Or not any more? Well at least there seemed to be so much of it, that afterwards it was hard to tell, which brand really made a lasting impression – in space.

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Social Media Control Center Coming to Life

In June 2010 Gatorade launched its Social Media Mission Control Center. Now Dell announced to launch the Dell Social Media Listening Command Center. This is an interesting development. Now as social media surpassed the evangelization phase, it is more and more becoming part of the everyday marketing practice for a lot of corporations. A mission control center seems to be a consequent move if a company takes listening seriously.

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Flow Controlling – Adaptive Brand Marketing in the Digital Age

Since August 2010 the Account Planning Group Deutschland occupies a few pages in the New Business magazine. The category is called Strategy Corner and every week, members of the apgd contribute articles with fresh ideas on planning, strategy, marketing, advertising, brands or any other interesting topic. Based on the theme of this year’s Trendtag, I wrote about ‘Flow Controlling and Adaptive Brand Marketing’ in issue #37. You can download the full article on the apgd website or just read the full article here on s[cubed].

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