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Glass – Google’s Biggest Opportunity And Challenge

Google Glass

Much has been said and written about Google Glass over the last months. It was also one of the topics at this week’s Contagious Now / Next / Why event. Glass was presented as part of the ‘Beyond screens’ trend, which is looking at the post-mobile era and asking the question of what new interfaces mean for brands creating marketing content? The interest behind Glass is understandable as it is the biggest innovative leap from Google launching a market-ready consumer product. It challenges the way we think about interfaces and what the future of interacting with technology might look like. What hasn’t been really discussed in much detail however, is the impact Glass might have on the future of Google’s business. I tried to look at Glass through the strategy lens: It has strategic importance and might leverage all of Google’s innate competitive advantages at once.
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My Graphic Facilitation Journey

Last week I attended a 2-day graphic facilitation training at The Hub Amsterdam with Bigger Picture from Denmark. This is the agenda of that training. Since these 2 days, I can’t stop drawing things, I read through the whole Back of the Napkin and I started with Visual Meetings by David Sibbet (who is one of the pioneers of visual facilitation and the founder of The Grove). Yes I got hooked on drawing little people and places and signs and arrows. Don’t know if it already counts as visual note taking or even graphic facilitation yet, but that doesn’t matter at all. Because just doing it is a lot of fun. Plus I already got a lot of positive feedback from my colleagues who get bombarded with my quirky little drawings since that training. Read on if you would like to learn more about my graphic facilitation journey.

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Teaching Planning

Yesterday my planning colleague and I did a seminar with a couple of students at the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. This initiative was part of the career service, giving students the opportunity to check out practicioners from different fields and to get some insights from the professional world.

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Flow Controlling – Adaptive Brand Marketing in the Digital Age

Since August 2010 the Account Planning Group Deutschland occupies a few pages in the New Business magazine. The category is called Strategy Corner and every week, members of the apgd contribute articles with fresh ideas on planning, strategy, marketing, advertising, brands or any other interesting topic. Based on the theme of this year’s Trendtag, I wrote about ‘Flow Controlling and Adaptive Brand Marketing’ in issue #37. You can download the full article on the apgd website or just read the full article here on s[cubed].

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The Skills Of The Planner

Thank you psfk for this great collection of interviews about strategic planning. This particular discipline depends on the exchange of ideas between the people working in this field. Planning seems to be hard to grasp and there are still some colleagues in the industry, wondering what it actually is that planners do the whole blessed day. This series by psfk presents the modern skill set of a planner in five little episodes and gives an overview of some of the things these people actually do.