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Extended Life For The Future Human


Would we really want to live to 150 or even older? Will engineered life extension be humanity’s greatest achievement or a social and economic catastrophe? Is age really a disease that is curable? These questions were discussed at the last Future Human Salon – an inspiring event series in East London.

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Progress through technology

This is another article that I wrote for the the APG strategy corner in New Business magazine. Although this article is not particularly about Audi, it is about pushing the boundaries of using technology in a useful way and about how planning can help brands to choose the right technology.

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The Birth of a Planning Philosophy

Over the last months we – the strategy & planning team of Razorfish London – managed to collaboratively put our enthusiasm and energy behind bringing our new planning philosophy to life. We call this philosophy idiology.
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Amnesia Connect – Emerging Experiences from Down Under

One part of the job as a leading digital agency is to push the technical boundaries in order to come up with cutting-edge solutions for our clients. This often includes some trial-and-error experimentation with the different devices available. Our colleagues in Sydney like to experiment a lot and it is quite amazing what these guys create down under. Remember the scenario in Minority Report where they freely move content from one disk to another device? Well it looks like our colleagues from amnesia razorfish have cracked that one. It’s called Amnesia Connect.

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Razorfish Outlook Report 2010

Every year Razorfish, one of the leading global digital agency networks, publishes the outlook report. The 2010 edition just came out. Of course this is a must-read for Razorfish employees but also very worthwhile for everyone interested in what is going on in the digital marketing landscape and what is about to come.

The report covers the most important insights from all Razorfish disciplines and highlights the trends of the core digital marketing services – from Media to Technology, CRM, Onte-to-One, Search, Analytics, Social Influence Marketing, Innovation, Retail, Creative and Strategy.

The full outlook report 2010 can be read and downloaded here.