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Amnesia Connect – Emerging Experiences from Down Under

One part of the job as a leading digital agency is to push the technical boundaries in order to come up with cutting-edge solutions for our clients. This often includes some trial-and-error experimentation with the different devices available. Our colleagues in Sydney like to experiment a lot and it is quite amazing what these guys create down under. Remember the scenario in Minority Report where they freely move content from one disk to another device? Well it looks like our colleagues from amnesia razorfish have cracked that one. It’s called Amnesia Connect.

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Social Media Control Center Coming to Life

In June 2010 Gatorade launched its Social Media Mission Control Center. Now Dell announced to launch the Dell Social Media Listening Command Center. This is an interesting development. Now as social media surpassed the evangelization phase, it is more and more becoming part of the everyday marketing practice for a lot of corporations. A mission control center seems to be a consequent move if a company takes listening seriously.

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