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Coffee Culture & Video Experiments

My father is running a small business for gastronomy technology ranging from air-conditioning systems and refigeration technology to kitchen equipment and Italian coffee machines. More than 10 years ago my dad made one of his many hobbies part of his job – coffee. He started getting partners in Italy and Switzerland importing high quality Italian coffee machines. Getting completely obsessed with this topic he became kind of a hobby barista.

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Empathy Visualized

This video combines and illustrates two very exciting topics. First of all, the video is a great example of visual storytelling and the art of visualizing a complex topic in a seemingly easy and entertaining way. This is exactly one of the main challenges in strategy and planning. There are some great sources to constantly get inspired by examples like the video on the empathic civilization. One that I can really recommend is Visual Loop – a blog that is “all about visualizing the world … and beyond”.

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