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The Next Step

Hello friends, it’s me again. Planning ahead. I know I haven’t been very active over the last weeks. I was pretty busy and there was just too much stuff that happened. September 2011 was the craziest months of my life – so far. I made the next step – both in my private life and in my career. I got married and we are about to move to London. Tomorrow.


Interesting 2011

I bound my own book, saw Sarah Angliss playing a theremin, learnt how to draw a comic, did some little monsters with plasticine, tried pure glutamate, contributed in a big experiment with 1.000 moustraps about how  an atom bomb works and designed my own product. All in one day. Sounds interesting. Well that is exactly what it was. Interesting 2011 was an inspiring day with Russel Davies and a couple of interesting people doing interesting stuff.

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